What is the North Carolina Administrative Code?

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The North Carolina Administrative Code is a compilation of the rules and regulations adopted by the various state agencies and departments in North Carolina. It is a set of regulations that govern the implementation and enforcement of the laws enacted by the North Carolina General Assembly.

The Administrative Code is organized into individual titles, each of which covers a specific area of the law. These titles include Agriculture, Commerce, Environment, Health and Human Services, Public Safety, and Transportation, among others.

The Administrative Code is published by the North Carolina Office of Administrative Hearings, which is responsible for maintaining the official version of the code. The code is also available online through the North Carolina General Assembly’s website and other legal databases.

The North Carolina Administrative Code is important for individuals and businesses to understand, as it provides specific details on how state laws are implemented and enforced. It is essential to consult the Administrative Code to ensure compliance with state regulations in a particular area of the law.

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