A Legal Guide To Doing Business in North Carolina

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Looking for guidance on navigating the different phases of establishing a business in North Carolina, including its inception, expansion, and eventual sale? Explore the legal precautions and challenges that accompany each stage. As startups face distinct legal obstacles compared to established enterprises, this platform offers insights and tactics for identifying and handling them effectively.

Nothing you read here serves as a replacement for professional legal counsel.

Will Blackton is a Raleigh-based attorney whose practice focuses on corporate transactional work. You can reach Will at wblackton@bobllaw.com or (919) 636-5979 ext. 1.

How do I leave my employer to start a business?

Should I incorporate my business?

How should my company be owned?

How should I hire employees and contractors for my business?

Industry-Specific Questions for North Carolina Businesses

N.C. General Statuteswhat’s this?

N.C. Administrative CodeWhat’s this?

N.C. Secretary of StateWhat’s this?

N.C. Department of LaborWhat’s this?

N.C. Department of RevenueWhat’s this?

N.C. Case Law SearchWhat’s This?

I.R.S. E.I.N. ApplicationWhat’s This?